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The Goetschius family

The Goetschius Family:
Rear: Sam, Marilyn, Sonya
Front: Randy, Sophia

We were very patient in obtaining our Pekingese and our bulldogs, and it took great persistence on our part to be able to buy what we wanted. Of course we were very picky about what we wanted and being show people helped some of the other breeders put faith in us and our abilities.

We have been breeding only to select top show Champion bloodlines to build up our own show breeding program, and sell what we can not keep. At several weeks we have a veterinarian do a health exam and evaluate the pups for conformation and temperaments. At that time, whomever placed their deposits first, gets to pick their pup out in that order.

This way we hope the pups will be placed in the "right" home (ie: couch-potatoes going to the sedate homebodies ..... and the more lively pups going to more lively people who would appreciate their activities, as well as the show prospects going to the more likely show homes). This seems much more fair than selling the pups at just a few days old by color alone.  Our primary objective when placing a puppy being a fulfilled puppy and happy owners, who consider the puppy to be a permanent family member.

We keep extensive records and worm every 2 weeks, give boosters every 3 weeks until they leave here. As with all breeds, the pups go thru an "Impressionable Period" and we will not ship until they are safely out of that as it could cause irreparable damage to their personalties. It is a time when they are very worried about loud noises, sudden movements and "things." I believe it has something to do with all their senses becoming very active suddenly. Different pups go thru this at varying times in their babyhoods, but almost all are out of it by 10-12 weeks. Meantime, we socialize the pups here, in our home with pets and our three children while still trying to keep them from being overly exposed to diseases.

We are located north of Joplin, Missouri.

Please feel free to write, email or call us if you have any questions. We respond to all inquiries.

Best Regards,
Randy and Marilyn Goetschius (and family)


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