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Purchasing information

Purchasing Information

All "Pet Quality" puppies are sold on American Kennel Club (AKC) limited registration (not eligible to be shown or bred),

Pekingese sold as show/breeding prospects will have American Kennel Club (AKC) full registration.

Shipping expenses are the buyer's responsibility.

We reserve the right to price pups fairly and to refuse a sale at our descretion.

(A) Phone contact is required before the purchase of any puppy.
(B) Puppies are picked on a first deposit/ first choice basis.

Deposits (20% of purchase price) on puppies are accepted when the puppies are between 5 and 6 weeks of age.

Deposits made on puppies are Non-Refundable! No exceptions!

Method of Payment

We accept cash, bank transfers, or personal checks made out to "Marilyn Goetschius."   Personal check must clear the bank prior to shipping of puppy.  We also accept credit card payments through PayPal.

We accept major credit cards through PayPal

Unfortunately we do not accept cashiers checks or money orders!

Shipping Info:

A:) You pick up your puppy at our location or
B:) We ship using a live animal service provider through the airlines.  Shipping prices vary by airline, location and weight of puppy when shipped.

Health Guarantee

Seller(s) certifies that the Pekingese described herein is of sound health at the time of this sale and has been immunized and wormed accordingly. Buyer(s) is advised to have this Pekingese examined by a competent veterinarian (preferably with experience in the Pekingese breed) within 72 hours from the time that delivery of this dog is taken. If the veterinarian does not find the dog to be in good health as outlined in this guarantee and states so IN WRITING, Buyer(s) must notify the Seller immediately.

Seller reserves the right to have the dog re-examined by our veterinarian at our cost. If the diagnosis is confirmed by our veterinarian, Seller will assume possession, if Buyer(s) so chooses, and give Buyer(s) a full refund or credit toward another dog (sellers' discretion).

Seller guarantees this dog to be free of serious, life-threatening genetic conditions, i.e. serious heart murmur, severe hip & elbow dysplasia, and pathological spinal disorder. If any such condition is found and proven in writing from a licensed veterinarian and substantiated by lab tests and/or x-rays, puppy may be returned to Seller for refund of purchase price or credit toward another puppy (Seller's choice).  Minor, breed related, and treatable or correctable conditions, or any condition which could go away or is considered to be a condition which a puppy will likely outgrow are not covered. Buyer(s) is responsible for vet bills incurred prior to return, and transportation cost to return. This guarantee is in effect until puppy reaches ONE YEAR of age.

Although a concentrated effort is made by Seller to breed sound, healthy puppies, Buyer(s) should understand that, due to the nature of the breed, Pekingese are predisposed to certain medical anomalies, and that a normal Pekingese may have one or more of these conditions during its lifetime. The Buyer(s) is urged to research the breed and be familiar with all the health issues that could affect their Pekingese before entering into this or any agreement to purchase a Pekingese.

In the event of circumstances which would force the Buyer to give up the dog, such as but not limited to loss of home, catastrophic illness, financial crisis etc, the Buyer agrees  never to surrender the puppy to any animal shelter or rescue organization, instead returning the Puppy to the Seller, who will then arrange for suitable rehoming as possible.

Click here for printable health guarantee

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